Tumblr sam heughan extreme shippers

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Tumblr sam heughan extreme shippers

Hi flyingbaker I send here again, apparently it didn't work on your post I made the original post a few years ago and it came back to my TL, however YouTube link I posted originally is not working anymore. Thank you Ana! The two other hanged men have both their arms down. Why was that? Originally posted by mr-bedirhan.

Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. How much longer are we going to be willing to burn down the economy? Toss in a DeWorming with Ivermectin… and get back to work! This guy is a dentist. Looks like Sam might actually end up being the new James Bond after all! Who are apparently responding to fans. Just get them out of the belly and they are on their own.

Recipe link in profile. Wait for it…. And why do we have to wait a fortnight, again? But oh Murtagh, sleep well, dearest Godfather. Silly anon. Still fighting the reality. Top Photos. Recently Liked. And obviously with Sam's full approval. It's about time. Enough is enough! You go, girl!

Wow, she is calling these bullies out! Good for her and shame on them. I love this so much!!I thought it did look very like him originally, but the gentleman looks a bit too skinny. I can explain the differences in the appearance between the picture and the video with lighting.

Oh well. But, if her boyfriend is say, her costar, that might gum some things up. I touched on this in my other post. That goes WAY beyond trying to be private. Leave the poor people alone ffs.

Just a simple after-the-fact post about how she enjoyed her vacation with her wonderful man, showing the back of his dark-haired head would suffice. And Sam actually did post pictures with Mackenzie, why not put even a little caption about having a fun time with his one and only?

As stated in 4, this can be done very simply, and without even really taking away his privacy. The mind boggles. It would go a looooong way toward shutting down the rumors and questions. How can fans be mad at Sam and Cait for raising money for charity?

What is Shipping?

WE choose to be here and what we pay attention to. Because of their celebrity and the fandom interest in their personal lives, they pretty much have to use some smoke and mirrors. Okay guys, I know this is hard. After the last two weekends it is dam hard. But we are better then this. We are better than accusing Sam of being on drugs, of making fun of how he looks.

The antis have enough ammo real and made up on us. And more important, I think we are the good guys. Leave the hate on the other side. The vitriol with perv and her followers. We are better than this. I know it is frustrating but after two wonderful weeks of shipper gold, we knew there would be push back. Why continue harassing shippers when nobody is actively shipping anymore? Just for kicks? This fandom is dead.

Sam Heughan talks new season of 'Outlander,' Caitriona Balfe

Dead and done.To the ordinary person shipping is represented by the image above. However within the world of fandom it represents a completely different concept. Shipping takes its roots from relationships. Fans shipping is a pretty natural course of events for those who get hooked on a show. Everything from Soap Operas to Science Fiction series have those fans who want to see one character get together with another character. All of these forms of shipping are mostly fun and safe.

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While there are battles fought by different factions within the fandom, usually the fandom wars over characters are mostly harmless. They do get heated and tempers flare but in the long run everyone knows that the relationships are fictional whether in a fans mind or playing out on the screen. In Outlander there is but one kind of shipping and it crosses the boundary between fiction and reality. However, a subfaction of the Outlander Shippers actually believe or want to ensure that Sam and Caitriona date in real life.

This kind of shipping is dangerous because in order to convince themselves that these two actors really are dating; they suspend disbelief in everything that shows they are not dating.

The leaders of the Obsessive Shippers have created a narrative that, to them, is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe are in a relationship. Sam and Caitriona are in a very secure relationship but for reasons of business; Starz Entertainment has forced the couple to hide their relationship and pretend that they are not in a relationship. For the business reason was the Lionsgate acquisition of Starz Entertainment that was worth billions of dollars.

The Obsessive Shippers contend that the couple tries to tell their fans in hidden messages on their social media accounts on the facts of their true love relationship. The narrative goes on to explain why the couple cannot just come out and tell the world that they are together. The evil network is controlling their social media accounts and keeping a watchful eye on them so the only way to tell the fans of their love is via these hidden messages.

On some Obsessive Shipper social media posts some have suggested that there are times when Sam is able to wrest his social media account away from the evil Starz employees that oversee the account and uses it to profess his love to Caitriona. Now the couple has said in multiple interviews that they are not dating. They go to extremes in creating this narrative fiction in that the network Starz has employed actresses to portray the girlfriend of Sam Heughan to hide the true relationship.

The amount of money it would take to carry off this scale of a deception would sink the entire Outlander production budget for a small outfit like Starz.Gia saying she knows who these trolls are- makes me think Sam has a security service who knows the real identities of all these bullies and tracks them.

If he does- GOOD!!! Originally posted by realitytvgifs. Originally posted by eazy-rider. Was she called out to change her racist comment? The girl makes no sense! Again this reminded me of the time Skipper chose a fatsuit for Halloween. These one mocking Chinese people tagging him Originally posted by excitementshewrote. Posts Likes Following Archive.

tumblr sam heughan extreme shippers

Anonymous asked: Gia saying she knows who these trolls are- makes me think Sam has a security service who knows the real identities of all these bullies and tracks them. And the social media outlets are obligated to hand over any identifying info. Tick tock.

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Some people may be getting a knock on their door sooner rather than later. Enough is enough! You go, girl! Morning, sunshines! But, I will either later on today or for sure tomorrow.

Stay tuned…. Remember her mocking the homeless woman? For posterity. It was an amazing performance!!! So beautiful, and handsome! Top Photos. Recently Liked.The level of delusion here is something else. And where I have some internet friends who are not at all obsessed with the lives of Sam and Caitriona or who they are dating. Maybe not.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Just think about how many Outlander fans like me wish they could peacefully fan on tumblr. How many of us were driven away from here because of this freaking mess. Just think about it. What an incredible pair of actors and what a passionate and dedicated fandom they brought to the show. Loved every minute of this.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. What's a cookie? Got it! There's the two of us now. I did not sign up for this. View post 3 May, View post 23 March, Sam Heughan Outlander social media.

Roberts social media. View post 17 March, View post 5 March, This is an Outlander fan blog, in case you didn't notice - read the page "About Outlander" for more info.

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No copyright infringement intended, all rights reserved to Starz Network et al. Welcome to the clan, I hope you will enjoy! Load more posts.Originally posted by ladyroxelane. Originally posted by wonderrstruck-enchanted Pierce and Keeley have lived in Hawaii for a long time and post from there about Hawaii regularly. Not that I care why and with whom Sam is with but it is different. Latergrams or SRH may not have visa problems?

Married in Vegas LOL?! Article calls him suave meditating on the beach. Just feels like double standards against Sam. So it got taken down. Keep reading. Posts Ask me anything, but I may not answer everything Submit a post Archive. I'm liking Gia more and more. She's got a sense of humor.

tumblr sam heughan extreme shippers

For those who didn't get it. And I'm liking it. Be with someone that makes you laugh. The relationship will last longer.

tumblr sam heughan extreme shippers

Lauren Lyle is doing a podcast. She did one with Cait as a guest. Cait talks about how she loves music but she can never remember lyrics of songs. Born in Ireland, to then. Anonymous asked: Will you please go away? Your five sheep will find something else to do.

Five sheep? I realize not all of them are friends, and some may even be foes, but the numbers still stand. Sucks for you to be wrong again, my frothy pet.

tumblr sam heughan extreme shippers

Get used to it. Anonymous asked: Pierce and Keeley have lived in Hawaii for a long time and post from there about Hawaii regularly. Hawaii is vacation home.

Anonymous asked: Hi P!

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Definitely a latergram. Either way, I wish them both well. Pierce Brosnan looks suave as he meditates on the beach in Hawaii. Pierce Brosnan took a moment to meditate as he enjoyed a walk along a golden sandy beach on Wednesday.

And Extreme Shippers who are up in arms, saying Sam should be in Scotland taking care of his mother. Again, like everyone else is doing.He went back and edited every single photo on his ig featuring both Audi and his Whiskey and added in the ad in the hashtags yesterday. Is it true he is being investigated? Originally posted by realitytvgifs.

I feel so bad for her and all the women who have had to endure this. I feel even worse for Sam who has had to put up with this for over 6 years now. Check her IG follows.

We are going to form an army to shut down the ES once and for all, whether it is Gia or someone else. Originally posted by lallybrochloser. Originally posted by thecharmingirl. Gia saying she knows who these trolls are- makes me think Sam has a security service who knows the real identities of all these bullies and tracks them. If he does- GOOD!!! Originally posted by eazy-rider.

One of them, samfordmom2, I recognize from here on tumblr. This crazy mom delves deep into all the conspiracy theories related to Sam and Caitriona, and is a big believer. The other one, I have no idea who that one is, but the comment is nasty. Basically, suggesting that Gia is in a relationship with her best friend, and is a lesbian.

There's the two of us now

These people are truly sick individuals!!! Posts Ask me anything, but I may not answer everything Submit a post Archive. Anonymous asked: He went back and edited every single photo on his ig featuring both Audi and his Whiskey and added in the ad in the hashtags yesterday.

Investigated for what? So, you have to say it somewhere, either directly, or with hashtags ad etc. Methinks some trolls are going DOWN. Tick tock. Clink, clink, bitches.


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